Friday, May 22, 2009

A fortunate find

More often than not, my foraging classes and outdoor events are blessed with fine weather and the jammiest of lucky finds. This week was no exception, my Cambridge based weekly forage group struck gold - literally - with an amazing stand of chicken of the woods (Polyporus sulphureus) fungus. Why lucky you ask? Well, it's been so dry this year that all my usual COTW haunts haven't yielded much in the way of this excellent edible mushroom, so to find enough for the four of us really felt a lot like Divine intervention!


ceridwen said...

Saw what you said re nettles getting ready to flower. I'm planning on deliberately planting up some nettle and comfrey in waste ground nearby. Got the nettle seeds now - and wondering if you might have any hints on getting it going okay please? I'm just assuming that I can put some nettle seeds in a small container of compost and water as appropriate and - bingo - seedlings will come up for transplanting. I hope I've got this right!?

Wild Foodie said...

Hi Ceridwen,
I confess I've never tried germinating nettles from seed - I can't see why it wouldn't work. Adequate moisture and light seem to be what's required for germination, more info here - look for common nettle in the perennial broad leaved weed section.
Good luck!