Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food for all!

Boo hoo....I've eaten my last dish of nettles and comfrey from the garden.... both these edible weeds are now getting ready to flower and are no longer fit for eating. Well my last dish for the time being anyway, as both stinging nettles and comfrey are vigorous plants and will be back on eating form in just a few weeks. But it's not just me eating weeds; nettles host many different species of hoverfly, moth and butterfly, so I'm leaving one half of my patch for wildlife. The comfrey too will be left to flower - bees, especially bumblebees - love it. My compost bin is also going to have a mid spring feast: when I've chopped down the top growth of nettles and pulled off the lower floppy comfrey leaves threatening to overshadow the broadbean seedlings nearby, it'll all be 'fed' to my compost bin. The compost bin will thank me over the next few months by turning out several hatchings of brandling worms (doing their bit in the composting process) and magically supplying another barrel or three of rich dark crumbly compost. it's win-win all the way!

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