Thursday, April 26, 2007

So, it's end of April and miraculously my wild food experiences have leapt ahead to what I'm usually looking for in May - June.... That's because we're currently holed up in a lovely villa in Grasse France, enjoying 25C weather and a swimming pool.... :-)
This afternoon I went for a walk down the lane, the air was sweet with the scent of jasmine and elderflower... so I hopped over a wall and picked a few (elderflower) heads to fritter.... and made a mental note to do elderflower cordial and champagne when I get home.
Our friends here say it's been a wet and rainy start to Spring, so there's loads of wild greens to feast on.... Poppies... I love them! It's possible to make a scarily red cordial from the flower petals, though the flavour is a bit indistinct. On one of the old cultivation terraces behind the villa I found a big patch of very lush looking poppy plants, the greens make a good veg- I wilted them in pan and added them chopped to some rice and peas.

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